Lyrics to Save The Blues

1. Back in nineteen hundred and fifty-four
A world revolution came along, knocking at the door
They said it would only last for a week or two
But it goes on getting stronger giving funky fun to me and you
Whether pop, rap, punk or soul
Itís all part of rockíníroll
We know itís the greatest thing
Whichever which way you sing
So now itís time to honour the music that came before.

2. Cos way down in Memphis by that hot Mississippi mud
A cool guy, Elvis, sang ďHey Mama, wish I could
tell all the world about this raviní rhythmíníbluesĒ
So he cut it onto vinyl and the Sun started spreadiní the news
Pretty soon, all the kids
would jive and jump and flip their lids
To music that broke the mould
and made your blood run hot and cold
So now we gotta rescue the songs that first made us feel good.

We gotta save the blues, we gotta save the blues
We gotta lot to lose, if we donít save the blues
We gotta pay our dues to those who gave us the blues
So come on everybody, letís rockiní-well save the blues!

3. From A C Handy to Howliní Wolf and Presley the King
And James Brown, Otis, Doors, and Hendrix all doing their thing
The Beatles, the Beach Boys, and Cliff on his Cash Halliday
Springsteen, Zeppelin, and Clapton all Dylan away
Eagles, U2, Quo, the Who
Deep Purple, Britney, knew
Asnevour and Orbison
Abba, Dire Straits, Elton John
Rolling Stones, Oasis, too
Supertramp, and Ozzie, Blue
Madonna, Hooker, Kinks, and REM
Bee Gees, Hollies, Eminem
Buddy, Pistols, Kylie, Bowie owed it all to b b king.

Chorus x 2

Leo King © 2004

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